Wade Adams is a full-service general construction and project development company with the resources and expertise to handle projects of any size, location or complexity.

Interchanges, Tunnels & Highways

Wade Adams is an international authority on tunnels, interchanges and highways. With an in-depth knowledge of working in multi-terrain environments, Wade Adams’ technology and methods are globally recognised as the industry benchmark.

Water Supply, Drainage & Sewerage Systems

As rapid urbanisation increases, so is the demand for potable water and sewerage services. Wade Adams has the infrastructure, experience and expertise to install the required pipelines, pumping stations and complete sewerage networks.

Infrastructure for Residential Complexes

Wade Adams is a world leader in constructing infrastructure for residential complexes. It pioneers new technology, streamlines operations, and implements advanced project management systems to overcome challenges, both on and off site.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Systems (MEP)

Wade Adams has one of the best-equipped MEP divisions in the Gulf region. Offering both standalone services and integrated solutions, we have executed MEP works in major infrastructure projects for power agencies, transmission and distribution networks, and water treatment plants.

Marine Works

Our experience in this field encompasses dredging and reclamation work, shoreline protection and rock armouring, beach formation, breakwaters and groynes, coffer dams, sea wall construction, piers, jetties, pilling and overwater bridges – and all necessary utilities and services.

Dam Construction

We are experts in the field of dam building. As well as having an in-depth knowledge of working in multi-terrain environments including mountainous land, we are highly skilled in the use of explosives.

Bulk Earthworks & Grading

Wade Adams carries out substantial bulk earthworks and grading activities in varied environments, for both infrastructure projects and separate large-scale earthmoving contracts.

District Cooling & Chilled Water Systems

Wade Adams is helping the region to keep its cool with its specialist district cooling services. Qualified engineers, fabricators and welders are appointed for every project and given access to specialised equipment for testing and commissioning as required.

Residential, Industrial & Building Complexes

Wade Adams is helping to define the skyline of cities across the Gulf with its portfolio of innovative, creative and visionary buildings.

Irrigation, Landscaping & Theming Works

Our expertise goes beyond urban infrastructure. From theme parks to wildlife sanctuaries, we have the construction skills and resources to make every client’s vision a reality.

Airport Construction

Wade Adams is a trusted construction partner for airport projects, both big and small. It has the resources and industry expertise to anticipate and overcome the unforeseen challenges that are commonly faced in airport construction.

Oil & Gas

Wade Adams Middle East has been active in the oil and gas sector since 1999, when it established the wholly owned company Union Energy. In a joint venture with another Sharjah-based group, Union Energy formed the National Oil Storage Company (Nosco), which owns an oil and bitumen terminal within Sharjah’s Hamriyah Free Zone.

Jogging & Cycle Tracks

Wade Adams is collaborating with RTA and visionary leaders, in providing and establishing world-class leisure infrastructure facilities in the UAE.

About us

Wade Adams has been at the forefront of the construction industry in the Gulf region for almost 40 years. We design, innovate, build and develop: it’s what we know and do best.

Group President Message

It all began for Wade Adams over 40 years ago with a small fleet and team in the African continent – and today I am enormously proud of our growth to become one of the top contractors in the Gulf region.

Awards & Accreditations

Wade Adams is proud to be publicly recognised for its innovation, environmental initiatives and diverse construction services.


We believe that sustainability is not just about reducing our impact on the environment, it’s also about making a positive difference to the people living and working within our buildings and developments.

Facilities & Resources

Wade Adams is well equipped to meet all the requirements of its diverse client base. From manpower to machinery, the company has the in-house facilities and resources required to handle construction projects of any size.


As an equal opportunity employer, we recruit both globally and locally to build a diverse team that is united in a mutual desire to drive our business forward.

Group Companies

View the groups and companies operated by Wade Adams (Middle East) Limited

People are at the heart of our business, and we have more than 11,000 employees across the region from 40 different nationalities.

As an equal opportunity employer, we recruit both globally and locally to build a spanerse team that is united in a mutual desire to drive our business forward.

Work & Life Balance

Working for Wade Adams is about more than just applying a skill set – it is about achieving your full potential and exceeding your own expectations. We believe in a healthy work-life balance, and our work schedules limit overtime and ensure that all employees take regular annual leave.

As well as maintaining the highest levels of health and safety in the workplace, we encourage staff wellbeing through personal and professional development, and organise sporting activities and social gatherings to promote teamwork and cultural interaction between employees of all nationalities.

There is ongoing and open communication between managers and employees to foster transparency and positive working relationships.

Continuing Development

At Wade Adams, senior management is involved in the continuous development of employees through internal training, mentoring and group guidance. All employees have access to industry information, new technologies and best practices, as well as a technical library that comprises various books, software, training materials and an extensive knowledge database.

Our comprehensive training department offers courses in trade skills, defensive driving and soft skills such as communication and time management. We also have an air-conditioned mobile training unit that moves between project locations, offering short training and awareness courses on site.

There are regular opportunities for employees to attend informative seminars and workshops led by industry experts.


Date : December 16, 2022

1) Lifting Appointed Person for Offshore Operations (Al Gallan Island) for Abu Dhabi

Qualification and Experience:

1. LEEA Certified
2. Required offshore certification
3. Should be able to prepare Lifting Plans
4. Preferably with ADNOC approval

Date : December 16, 2022

2) Scaffolding Supervisor for Offshore Operations (Al Gallan Island) for Abu Dhabi

Qualification and Experience:

1. CISR Certified
2. Certificate to tag Scaffolding
3. Preferably with ADNOC approval

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